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Secure, convenient, and trusted mobile access is as easy as unlocking your phone.

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Unlock Touch-Free Access

The world has changed. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown touch-free access is no longer the next big thing—it’s the need now thing. Mobile access allows residents and employees unlock mobile access enabled locks by presenting their phones with credentials, reducing contact with surfaces in public areas. By going touch-free with mobile access, facilities can become safer places now and in the future.

Why Mobile?

Of course, smartphones are everywhere, but more than that, they enable greater flexibility and security for end-users and facility managers. Legacy access technologies such as portable RFID cards or fobs are often lost and can be mismanaged, creating on-going security risks. Mobile access enables biometric ID protection and allows facilities to issue unique, encrypted credentials for all end-users on a device that’s always with them.

Effortless Access with Cutting-Edge Products

dormakaba’s suite of mobile access products brings user-friendly access to facilities through innovative product design, intuitive operation, lightning-fast retrofits, and seamless management system integration. 

Saffire LX Smart Locks

Take advantage of the latest RFID and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology in a beautiful contemporary design. Allow guests or tenants to conveniently access their residences, as well as other common areas by using their mobile device.

BlueSky Mobile Credentials

Deploy mobile access for guests at your property without having to develop an app of your own. BlueSky is a flexible, scalable mobile access app solution available for download on both iOS and Android platforms.

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Unlock Convenience with End-to-End Solutions

Modern, elevated access is just one passcode or biometric ID away. Our state-of-the-art solutions are built with simplicity in mind. Turn smartphones into access credentials. Manage access rights securely through access solution software tailored to meet your daily needs.
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Trusted Security with LEGIC

All dormakaba mobile access products rely on the combination of biometric ID with LEGIC encryption technology. This encryption system is built on key management, trusted services, and secure, end-to-end encryption of all data for a bank-level security solution.

Powerful Access Management

Property managers can grant, deny, or alter permissions at an enterprise level (and from a single interface) easily and securely. Best of all, end-users can enjoy the simplicity of unlocking doors with a wave of their phone.

Complete solutions from the front door to the cloud

dormakaba streamlines the process of upgrading to mobile access with end-to-end solutions to meet the specific needs for your facility hardware, software, and cloud architecture, ensuring your smart facility will scale for years to come.

Unlock Security Expertise

Reliability comes from experience. dormakaba has consistently proven ourselves as a trusted partner in providing secure access control. We’ve successfully generated and issued more than 5 million secure encrypted credentials, and that number grows every day.

Unlock Trusted Industry Leadership

As a company, dormakaba strives to be a leader in secure access control solutions. Here are some of the ways that push ourselves as a company and define our leadership:

  • In-house design, development, and engineering
  • Application of superior BLE standards
  • Member of the Security Industry Association
  • Field experts continually advocating for industry advancements
Ready to unlock innovation at your facility?

Ready to Unlock Innovation?

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