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As our valued partner in the safe lock industry, dormakaba wants to make it as easy as possible for you to carry and promote our LA GARD product portfolio. This guide should answer most, if not all, of your questions about how to reference LA GARD products on your website and in other sales and marketing materials.


LA GARD is two words, all caps.
In a listing of brands you carry, LA GARD products should be listed under the dormakaba brand.
The LA GARD wordmark may be used in copy, but is not a logo. (See examples)

The only logo associated with LA GARD is the dormakaba logo. 

Types LA GARD in the copy

Uses wordmark in the copy 

Uses dormakaba logo


When referring customers to support content or other product information from your website, link to the dormakaba safe lock landing page. 


dormakaba is happy to provide a PDF version of the LA GARD Partner Toolkit, product images and the dormakaba logo for your use as you include LA GARD products on your website and in your other sales and marketing materials.

LA GARD Partner Toolkit
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