Keyscan Upgrade Program

Helping Keyscan access control investments continue to pay off well into the future.

Keyscan access control systems have shown far greater longevity and performance than the 7-year industry average for access control systems.

However, modern technology and operating system advancements now outpace legacy software and hardware. Even though legacy systems continue to function, these advancements may result in challenges when maintenance or repairs are required.

Transition to Keyscan Aurora is the solution
Keyscan Aurora access control software is built for the future. It offers long-term efficiency and savings that can be substantial even for small organizations. Ideal for any access control applications regardless of size or complexity, Keyscan Aurora offers advanced features and benefits.

Three key benefits with a system upgrade:

Greater Integration Options

Upgrading access control systems will support integration with SMART elevator systems, mobile devices, VMS and IP camera systems, biometrics, intrusion detection technology, IT-centric services, sensor technology, HR and workforce management systems, even HVAC and other building management systems.

Improved Flexibility, Efficiency and Longevity

Modern access control systems can function with newer reader and credential products and technologies. Efficiency and savings can be substantial even for small organizations.

Increased Data and Personal Security

Growing demand for integration is constantly spurring innovation. Keyscan Aurora software was engineered to mitigate both integration challenges and escalating security threats

Keyscan Aurora is affordable and functions with newer operating systems. Aurora offers a host of features and benefits that legacy access systems simply cannot match.

  • No performance-limiting governors
  • No recurring fees
  • System VII migration tools
  • Free technical support
  • Modern user-friendly interface
  • Support for advanced reader and credential technologies
  • SQL Express 2012 10GB database (Upgradeable to full SQL 2012 or 2016)
  • Multi-threaded communication structure
  • Optional module expansions for enhanced services
  • Multiple credential assignments
  • Up to 10 assigned groups per credential-holder
  • Support for 45,000 (up to 90,000) credentials
  • New event management capabilities
  • New time zone management
  • Web browser-based client
  • New software development tools
Contact your dormakaba representative today to learn more about this recommended transition plan and take advantage of available discounts. dormakaba will no longer support Keyscan System VII access control management software as of June 30, 2021.

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